Julie Harris

No Exit No Exit

Sometimes glimpsing the future can be deadly. Rebecca Miller is a gifted clairvoyant who knows what's ahead for everyone but herself. When a psychic reading for a US senator's wife reveals the assassination of the next President, she is taken into protective custody. Rebecca soon discovers that helping to keep a future President alive is also a battle for her own survival.

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The Longest Winter The Longest Winter

Awarded semi finalist in Best Kindle Book 2014.

In 1911, a young John Shaw from South Carolina had his first taste of flying. In 1926, two years after the plane crash death of his best friend, he attempted a solo flight record in a refitted 1923 Curtiss Jenny. Then, with half the journey completed, his plane was caught in a storm, went down, and for seventeen years he was listed as missing, presumed dead. The Longest Winter is a work of fiction, the tale of one man's life. His story is one of despair and courage, tragedy and triumph—stranded on an uncharted rocky island, his body broken by the crash, John is adopted into a tribe of Aleuts, until the evacuation of the Aleutian Islands in May 1943. This is John's story.

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The Site The Site

Ex cop Kerry Staines wants a fresh start in Mallen, but what he finds is The Site - cursed for ten thousand years, a place where black legends and white spirits meet; where a teenage girl is murdered, her soul forever restless while the guilty savor freedom; a place where a maximum security prison is being built on sacred ground that, until now, had kept the town's shocking secrets safely buried.

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Tear of Blood A Tear of Blood

Fact or fiction? Sometimes it's a very fine line. When Charlie Grayson wrote a story about a vampire, she didn't think it would become a bestseller, nor did she think it would become a movie, especially with Michael Dunne, Hollywood icon, playing her charismatic, troubled vampire, Annarchie. For Charlie, it's like a dream come true. During the film shoot, she gets to know Michael Dunne, the star, very well: he is just like the Annarchie she wrote of. But what Charlie doesn't realize, until it's too late, is that Michael Dunne doesn't have to act in this movie because he IS the vampire she told the world about, and he's been getting away with murder for centuries.

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Fool's Gold Fool's Gold

Australia, 1867. Anna dreams of her hat shop while Michael dreams of gold. Her duty is clear and with new baby in arms, she has no choice but to follow her husband's dreams across the Great Divide and into no man's land, to a hot, dusty mining camp called Bitter Creek. There, surrounded by rough prospectors, Anna lives a hard, solitary and lonely existence, always waiting for the call: Gold! When the murderous greed of the local constabulary unleashes a torrent of violence upon the unsuspecting miners, Anna's life, and that of her baby, lies in the hands of Sam, an outlawed American bushranger, who can only save her life if he fights for justice for his own.

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An Absence of Angels An Absence of Angels

France, 1212. Adelina de Polignac is forced into a marriage of convenience. Her true love she cannot have, Geoffrey, a Benedictine monk whose heart doesn't belong with the church. When Adelina's father is murdered, she tries to escape by joining the Children's Crusade, but Gabriel of Lyon foils her plan. He is Polignac's merciless knight and he will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

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Marie Corelli Beyond Laughter: The Marie Corelli Story

Marie Corelli was a best-selling author whose 30 books were published from 1886 until a year after her death in 1924. From an abandoned, illegitimate newborn to Queen Victoria's favorite author, this is the story of Minnie Mackay's transformation into Marie Corelli. Beyond Laughter is a fictional account of Corelli's private life, based on what little fact is known.

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The Diamond Factory The Diamond Factory

Gray's a country kid who finds Boo, a magical critter that came out of the farm's bore. He's cute, he talks, he's great company, but the best thing about Boo is his poo. Yep, Boo is a little diamond factory, and he's been on the surface too long and needs to go home to his family. But home is deep underground. Can Gray help Boo find his way home?

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Kizzy Kizzy

Sometimes life can be hell. Winstone Manor, Maginley Estate, Suffolk. England, 1964. The Maginley's maid, Millie, has 'disappeared' and they hope her body will never be found. Desperate for a replacement, the Maginleys turn to Kizzy. Kizzy is 15, has never had a job before, nor has she ever been to school, but she can cook, she can clean, she can play the part to perfection. The Maginleys think the new maid won't be the 'problem' that Millie was. They realize, too late, that Kizzy is a nightmare in disguise. She wants to be the lady of the manor and what Kizzy wants, Kizzy always gets.

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The Edge Of Nowhere The Edge Of Nowhere

Some promises are easy to break and harder to forget. Billy Shaw lives on the edge of nowhere. Half Aleut, half American, he escapes his old life in Alaska for a taste of the real world, the world his father came from, promising his sister and the remaining elders he will return to lead them into a new beginning. Just like his American father, flying is in his blood. But unlike his father, he wants more from life. He wants somewhere to belong. He joins the army, becomes a pilot. He also meets a nice girl, a rich girl and his new life in California is good, until the orders come. Before he leaves for Vietnam, Billy needs to go 'home', but the old ways are alien to him now. He also needs to meet his father's sister but finds his cousin instead, another spoiled rich girl, unbalanced and aimless... It's not until Vietnam that he finally learns the importance of family. Of promises made and broken. Of finding a place to belong.

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One Act of Kindness One Act of Kindness

How much does a ticket to heaven cost? Compassion doesn't feature as a reality in Ruth's life. Compassion is always something other people have in their hearts and so to Ruth it remains one of life's unsolved mysteries. 'Just one act of kindness can alter your life', her hapless brother once said. But his words meant nothing to Ruth, for when one lives within a fortress of one's own creation, there can be no conqueror. Once she was happy. Once she even loved somebody and his name was Daniel. But only once. Ruth learnt early not to depend upon others. To get through life one should only do what one must, involve others as little as possible, and most of all, never allow one’s soul any light, any warmth, any laughter. For it soon enough turns to darkness, and cold, and tears… How much is a ticket to heaven? Does it cost just one act of kindness? And if so, is it true what Daniel once believed? That they would meet again some day?

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