Julie Harris
Born in Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia in 1957. The first signs of writing talent appeared in crayon on her bedroom wall. Julie started school when she was almost five years old – she could read before she was taught, and got in trouble on her first day of school for telling the teacher what was on the blackboard.

She graduated from Toowoomba State High School in 1974, dropped out of college after six months, and worked as a girl friday for an auctioneer until she married in 1977 and ‘went bush’ to a mixed grazing property at Weengallon, two hours west of Goondiwindi.

She was a shearers cook and woolshed rouseabout amongst other things, and battled daily with drought, lack of water, fresh food scarcity, no television, and big brown snakes living under the washing machine.

It was there, whilst living in a dilapidated, haunted farmhouse, that she started to write crime dramas, one act plays and action adventures on a borrowed 1947 Remington typewriter. In 1981 she left life in the bush behind, and with two babies in arms, Julie turned the next page to a blank one, got on a bus and never looked back.

She raised her daughters Leonie and Rachel alone, all the while trying to get a break with writing.

Julie currently lives in a small country town on the Darling Downs with her husband. In her spare time she reads, edits, daydreams, writes, and tends to her menagerie of pets. Her two daughters are now married and have families of their own.

In 2005 she married her best friend, a rational, logical, critical care nurse, Doug, who keeps her grounded and is very supportive, and now Julie has four daughters, Leonie, Rachel, Chloe and Morgan, and the sons she always wanted, Adrian, Paul and Owen.

Most frequently asked question:

"It’s so real. How did you write that?"

Frequent response to question:

I normally write by transcribing the technicolour, scratch n sniff 3D movie playing in my head, and if the characters are strong and viable, I feel what they feel, I hear their voices. I become them for awhile. If it holds my interest, it should work on a reader, too.